Chance Eau Fraiche

I have always had an interest in perfume since...well, since as long as I can remember! From exploring my mum's bottles when I was little, to looking at the various counters selling beautifully packaged glass bottles of scent when I was a teen. As a child, I can vividly remember dabbing my mother's perfume on myself and how it made me feel like a 'grown-up princess'. As a teen, perfume made me feel 'mature' beyond my years, and now, as a mummy, perfume allows me to feel a little bit more feminine and pretty...even if I have the remnants of little sticky fingers all over my clothes and the rest of me looks a mess! I guess it has become a part of my routine that provides a touch of glamour and luxury- and there are days when these little things can make such a difference to a young mum!

However, when it comes down to making a decision and actually purchasing a bottle, I don't like to experiment far from what I have come to know, trust and love. For the past three years I have worn the same perfume without change. I fell in love with Chanel's Mademoiselle and my husband has bought me a bottle either for Christmas or for my birthday ever since. Last summer though, I came across a whole new obsession when I was given a free sample of Chanel's Chance eau Fraiche. Since then, I have not been able to walk past the Chanel counter without having a quick peek! 
What I love about this scent is how fresh, clean and crisp it is. There are three variations on the original Chance perfume that Chanel released but eau Fraiche was, without a doubt, my favourite. Eddy bought me a bottle for Christmas and now, having had a week to wear it, I can say that it was so worth taking the plunge and trying something new. 

Not only is the packaging exceptionally beautiful and hardwearing, (I have already dropped it and thankfully there was no breakage!) but the way it lingers on fabrics for so long really impresses me. If I am putting my coat on, I can always smell eau Fraiche on it from the previous day and it is just as fresh and clean as the day before. 

I think I am onto a real winner with this scent and I think I am also going to be starting a whole new obsession for the next little while! 
Have any of you tried eau Fraiche? What are your thoughts?

Love Bunty

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