Cousin playdate

Yesterday my sister and her family came around for the day which, for Noah, meant a day of running riot with excitement and chasing after his older cousin whilst cooing over his little baby cousin. Noah absolutely loves his playdates and it was really nice for all of us to have a bit of time catching up, talking about the future and playing with the kids. 
There was a point in the afternoon where the children had worn themselves out with excitement, but we knew that going down to bed for a nap was going to be out of the question! We decided to pop a pile of cushions and blankets on the floor so they could snuggle up and have a few minutes of 'quiet time' whilst we put a cartoon on. This worked an absolute treat as the charging around stopped and the kids all snuggled up together. I managed to capture the moment on camera which was lucky because they didn't sit still for long! 

 I must admit, it was nice to have just a few minutes of stillness on the sofa to chat to my sister without having to divert my eyes after Noah every two seconds!

I hope you're all having a relaxing weekend,
Love Bunty


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