Egg cup tea lights

I was tidying up my cupboards this evening and I came across these gorgeous little egg cups from Pip Studio. My mum bought me these a few years ago and I have always loved them for their vibrant design and cheerfulness. They are just so cute and work well as a decorative feature too.
My family aren't massively into eating boiled eggs, so I'm sad to admit that we rarely actually use these. However, I think it's a shame to keep them stacked at the back of my cupboard, so tonight I decided to get them out and make a little arrangement of them. I was lighting my tea lights around our living room and thought these egg cups looked the perfect size to fit a small candle in. 
I popped five tea lights into the five egg cups and placed them on a tray as we had our evening meal together. Noah was definitely taken by the ambience of a candlelit supper- he kept trying to blow them out, the monkey!


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