Freshening up the kitchen dresser

I have been harping on about freshening up my kitchen dresser for some time now and this week, I finally found the time (and energy) to repaint it! It's quite ironic that the last time I painted it was a few weeks before Noah was born and I was in full 'nesting mode'. This time, I think both nesting instincts and the desire to change things up a bit- whilst I still have the time- spurred me on to make the change!

It has taken me a couple of days to complete and, as you can see, I still haven't decided whether to paint the drawer knobs or not! (Thought I think I probably shall for ease.) I decided I definitely wanted to choose quite a neutral colour. Something very light that would make any additional colour on the surface 'pop.' I was thinking particularly of my Cath Kinston mugs, though I must admit I am sorely tempted to change up my CK collection in favour of some pretty Emma Bridgewater pieces!

The colour I finally settled on is called Old Ochre and it is from the Annie Sloan range of chalk paints. These are not new to me, if you follow the blog you will know I am quite obsessed with them! The matt finish you get with this paint is so beautiful and can make any piece of furniture look softer in an instant with no preparation needed- hence why I am gradually painting nearly every wooden piece of furniture we own!

As I said, this colour has offered my dresser a very neutral palette on which to display my kitchenwares. It is so subtle and easy on the eye and, without sounding melodramatic, it just makes me feel calm when I look at it. Im really delighted with the outcome...watch out dining chairs-your next!

After painting the wood, I applied Annie Sloan's clear soft wax to protect the paint. As my plates and mugs get shuffled around on a daily basis, I know from past experience that after a while the paintwork does take quite a beating, so I am hoping this wax will just help to protect the paint from water marks and friction.

 What do you guys think of the finished outcome?
Love Bunty


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