Harmonica fun!

I think it's fair to say that Noah is going to be influenced by our love of music. Eddy has quite a guitar collection and a strong passion for all things related to music production, whilst I have always enjoyed playing the piano and have a more 'classical' background as far as my own tuition went.
 Whether by natural chance or simply the fact we always seem to have some form of music playing in our home, Noah has taken a real interest too. 
I bought him this children's harmonica a couple of weeks ago. It's just a toy from M&S but he loves exploring the different sounds he can get from it. He is learning the difference in technique between this and his kazoo that he also loves playing. I think he finds the kazoo easier because he just has to hum into it, whilst the blowing action for the harmonica requires a bit more lung effort! 
I thought I would share some photos of him having a play today. He had a great time!

Happy weekend everybody! I hope you all have some nice plans? :p
Love Bunty


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