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I love days like today. The weather has been pretty overcast and cold and so we have been hibernating a little bit. Although I know I have to pop to town later, I like that I get to spend the morning with my little munchkin just hanging out together. So far, today has consisted of me brainstorming blog/home makes ideas whilst doing some 'piano lessons' with Noah. He is obsessed! 
As nice as it is to have things planned in the diary, I also really love days like today where we can just snuggle together and have some quiet time and space. Next week is going to be super busy with some rather exciting future planning-more on that soon! But today I don't have to think about much more than my usual domestic chores and enjoying my lovely little boy's company.

I like to share my more 'mundane' moments with you all because most of the time they represent the happiest memories I have of just being present with my family. 
I don't always feel inspired to be creative or even write a blog post. I don't know why, but sometimes I think it's good to acknowledge that I love a 'down day' just like the next person does. 

Happy thursday everyone! Are you doing anything nice today?

Love Bunty

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