Homemade lip exfoliator

For the past couple of weeks  my lips have been really taking the brunt of the chilly wind and cold outside. They have been constantly cracking and i've found trying to remove dead skin always ends with sore, raw lips which is never very pretty or comfortable either!
After looking around Boots the other day for some miracle lip rescue, I came away rather uninspired and so after perusing the old internet, I found a recipe to make my own lip exfoliant rescue using sugar as the main ingredient.
This was really simple to do and took all of two minutes to whip up! Plus, it actually worked! The olive oil really tackled the soreness of my lips and quickly got to work nourishing them so that when I removed the scrub, my lips felt super silky and moisturised.
I have made up a couple of miniature glass pots to keep in my bathroom, but the idea really got me thinking that these could make a great gift or favour at a party. You can really go to town on the presentation and make a truly original and creative present for a loved one and, what's more, it needn't cost very much at all.

To make my lip exfoliant, I knew I wanted to fill a couple of small jars so I guessed the quantities slightly, but I used a good amount of white cane sugar, with a few dashes of olive oil which I continuously mixed in until the scrub came together. Whilst mixing, I added a couple of drops of vanilla essence to provide a delicate scent. And voila! That was all the effort it took to sort my lip situation out! It cost me next to nothing and gave me plenty of ideas for homemade gifts in the future. 

I found the best results by applying a small amount of the exfoliant to my lips and gently rubbing it in with my finger for a few seconds. I then left it on for a couple of minutes to allow the olive oil to really absorb into the skin and then, using a hot flannel, I gently massaged the scrub off my lips revealing a much happier smile beneath! To finish, I simply applied a gentle lip balm to continue the moisturising that the olive oil began and that was enough to really sort them out!

Perhaps this will inspire you to make your own lip scrubs? You could  create various flavours or use different oils such as coconut to change up the recipe a bit!
Let me know how you get on in the comment section below!

Love Bunty


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