Match box

With a toddler running riot there is little that would be passed up without Noah getting his hands on if he were given half the chance. As you probably know, I am a massive lover of candles and I really enjoy lighting them in the evening when a certain little chappy has gone to bed. In the mean time, I have needed somewhere safe to store our matches as Noah recently discovered my last hiding place for them! I decided to buy a designated 'match box' where all the matches will be stored, meaning I know for certain there won't be any elsewhere in the house and I can pop them up high on the dresser and well out of his reach.
I bought this box from Garden Trading who I am kind of obsessed with lately. The colours of their enamelware are just so gorgeous and subtle and they look really nice against the colours in my kitchen.

It just goes to show that toddler-proofing doesn't have to be dull! :p
Love Bunty


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