Minimalistic mom!

Amidst the chaos of organising our home for our impending new arrival, I have been on a mission to find a 'place' for everything and to strive to keep our living area tidy and organised. I just find it so much easier to relax on an evening knowing that the house is 'reset' for the next day: clean, tidy and ordered!
 We recently upgraded our main computer to meet more of my husband's work needs but that meant a whopping great big monitor screen which I was a little nervous would take up the whole focal point of our lounge! As Eddy is working from home for the next couple of weeks, the computer is here to stay and so I have been on a mission to declutter the sideboard it sits on, in an attempt to create the illusion of space and order.
I have shifted our large mirror along and, rather than a more elaborate display of candles and pretty decorative items, I have stripped back the accessories to just a few candles (you know me!) to light in the evenings. 

I'm sitting here looking at the sideboard now with my candles glowing and really appreciating the tranquility of a slightly more minimalistic approach to my decor. I can't let go of my love for country 'shaker style' home interiors, but I must say my tastes are evolving. I don't know if it's partly to do with meeting the needs of our household and particularly our need to toddler-proof but I really am starting to embrace the 'less is more' look. 
What do you think?

Love Bunty

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