New baby changing bag

After plenty of 'umming' and 'ahhing', I finally settled on a baby changing bag for our newborn. This is the Cath Kidston cowboy print one and like many of her designs, it comes complete with a handy changing mat and bottle holder. 
I have spent a good while scouring the internet for changing bags and asking myself if I wanted a handbag that doubles as a changing bag, or a separate changing bag in its own right. I can't tell you how long it took to finally make up my mind, but thankfully with three weeks to go, I finally have!
The Cath Kidston changing bags are pretty classic. What I like about them is how easy they are to keep clean with their oilcloth finish- you can literally just wipe them down! 
This one is great too as it has two nappy pockets inside so I can actually keep Noah's nappies in one section and the tiny newborn's in the other. There is another zipped compartment which is ideal for storing spare clothing- an absolute necessity when out and about with a newborn!
Although this bag is by no means subtle, I think it's fun to be a bit edgy from time to time. I must say I was tempted by the floral CK offers, but I thought it would be nice for my two little boys to have something a little more to their taste- or certainly Noah's!

What do you guys think?
Love Bunty


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