New Winter Coat

As part of my Christmas present from my parents, I got to choose a new coat to combat the wintery weather. I have never treated myself to a 'proper' wool coat before and so I spent a long time scouring the internet and shops for ideas. I knew I wanted something long and fairly formal that I could wear with a smart outfit but with the option of it being a casual 'throw on' too. My dilemma was to find something that I could wear now (at nearly 9 months pregnant) and in the future when I'm not pregnant. So, as you can see, it's not like I was asking for much! Haha!

I spent a good couple of weeks looking high and low and finally settled on this navy wool coat from ASOS. It is quite a structured coat with gold button hardware- almost adding a touch of military style. Being a wool mix, it is extremely cosy and warm and I even got to test it in the harsh Lincolnshire frost the other morning-I must say I was not disappointed! 

Although I can't comfortably button all the buttons up due to my enormous belly, I think it still looks really nice left unbuttoned and for now, that is totally fine with me. 
The only thing I will say is that fibres from scarfs or other fabrics stick to the wool like crazy. You can see in the photos that I forgot to get my sticky roller on the coat before shooting these photos-sorry!

But all in all, I'm really happy with this. I love the colour and style of the coat. Although I definitely played it safe in choosing quite a classic look, my hope is that this will remain a staple piece in my wardrobe for years to come! 


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