Newborn Haul!

Good afternoon everyone! 
I have been meaning to do a bit of a 'newborn haul'- type post and this afternoon I finally got around to digging out a couple of my favourite outfits which we have ready for the new baby.

This first one is a little stripey set from Next which I picked up in the sales recently. I love the colours which are actually a little more burgundy in real life. The long sleeved top with the dog on the front is from M&S which I also got in their end of season sale a few months ago. 

This outfit is probably my favourite as it is going to be the official 'going home' outfit. I am creating a bit of a tradition with my babies as I like to buy them something a bit special and smart to wear as we venture out of the hospital for the first time. Noah's is a funny story as I bought him a lovely little outfit from GAP, but upon leaving the ward when we were literally about to take him home, he pooped everywhere and totally ruined his clothes! I think I only managed to save his matching hat in the end! Haha! Hopefully our timing will be better with this one! This outfit is from M&S and consists of a white vest, little stripey leggings and a navy blue cardigan. The M&S blanket is a beautiful cashmere one which I managed to bag in the sales. I can't wait to be able to use it and snuggle our newborn in it.

This little romper is from The White Company- we do love our nautical themes and I thought this was so cute with the whales and turtles swimming around on it.

This Petit Bateau vest is actually a cheat as I didn't purchase it myself. It was actually given to us as a gift for Noah, but at the time I must have stowed it away somewhere as we totally forgot to use it! It still has its label on! Haha! I was gutted when I finally found it as Noah had well and truly outgrown it, so I have kept hold of it in the hope our next son could get some use from it. 

These vests were a complete bargain too. I popped into GAP the other day, on the hunt for a going home outfit for the baby. They didn't have a great deal in stock, but they did have these lovely grey vests which ended up being reduced from about £10 each to £7 for the lot! Couldn't say no....I know, I'm a total sucker for a bargain!

Finally, these little jogger bottoms are from Next and they are so cosy and warm inside- perfect for the chilly February weather I am preparing for. I really like the knee patch details, but other than that they are really simple which makes them very convenient for pulling on with just about any outfit.

So,those are just a few of my favourite bits and pieces for this baby. After going through all of Noah's newborn things recently, I found that a lot of the fabrics hadn't kept well and had lost their softness over time. I think, especially with a brand new baby, it's important that their clothes are ultra soft and comfy as their skin tends to be quite sensitive in the first weeks. So, after being quite ruthless, I realised I would definitely need to replenish a few things for this new baby. I think M&S's baby range are really good quality and I have noticed that Noah's newborn M&S clothes have lasted much better than some of the other brands he wore, so I'm able to keep hold of them for this baby. 

Anyway, let me know if you would like to see more baby hauls in the future!
Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!
Love Bunty


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