Noah's first proper haircut

Today Eddy and I took Noah to have his first 'proper' little boy's haircut. Recently his lovely golden locks have been irritating him a bit as his fringe had grown right down into his eyes and he was constantly trying to push it out of his face. I knew this day was coming and I have been really excited all week to take him along to the salon.
What I think was so good about our local children's hairdresser was how well they catered to short attention spans and everything they did to make youngsters feel safe, entertained and happy.
 Each of the children's chairs is a fun ride-on car or fire engine with all the bells and whistles. I think Noah was half expecting his firetruck to transport him around the shopping centre once he sat down! What was also good was that each ride-on car had a television just in front playing various current children's cartoons. Noah immediately spotted Thomas the tank engine chugging away on the screen in front of him and I think the familiarity helped him to remain calm- even though he was quite unsettled to begin with.

The staff were brilliant and particularly good at talking to Noah and making him feel special. Noah was even given a little kinder chocolate on our way out, which, needless to say, went down a treat!
Even though Noah was quite anxious to begin with, for his first professional haircut experience, it went better than I expected. Hopefully after going a few times he will relax into it more but I can't thank the staff enough for being so efficient and good with Noah.
We will definitely be coming back to this salon when Noah needs his next trim!

*Sorry about the dodgy photo quality-I cheated and stole this one from hubby's phone!


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