Nursery inspiration

I know I did a post about blackboard posters the other day (link) but since then my head has been flooding with ideas for the baby's bedroom. You'll know by now that I love using blackboards to create eye-catching posters and I think they look particularly cute in a nursery setting. 
I have to admit to you now that Pinterest has been egging me on constantly. The amount of talent and ideas that flood their site has been keeping me up to all hours these last few days! Nevertheless, today I decided to create a blackboard poster based around some of my favourite lyrics from Coldplay. 
I think these lyrics are gorgeous anyway, but I love that when you put them in the context of a nursery and newborn baby/toddler, they take on a whole new meaning! To me they are a celebration of life and the possibilities the world offers to our children.

Thank you Coldplay for inspiring me!


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