Polar bears and stripey socks

I thought I would show you what Noah is wearing today as I had a real success in Primark yesterday and managed to find him a few nice budget pieces of clothing which were not only total bargains, but super cute too! His entire outfit today is from Primark, except for his slippers which are from The White Company. I think I paid £1 for his long sleeved top which has polar bears on it. He loves it and every time we point to the bears he likes to 'rawww!' I purchased his jeans on a bit of a whim. They are very bright and bold but at £4, I thought they would be a fun wardrobe addition. I don't know how they will wash or whether the colour will fade, but for now they are a really nice pop of colour. His socks are also from Primark- we are going home today from a week at the Grandparents house and I knew we were about to run out of clean socks yesterday so I just picked up a bundle whilst perusing the kids section. 
Sometimes Primark really do get it right, I find their clothes are extremely purse friendly, especially if you are on a budget!

*Dont mind the blurry images- Noah doesn't do standing still for photos!

Have a lovely day everyone!
Love Bunty


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