Pregnancy shoe win

Being that I am now in my third trimester of pregnancy and nearing the end of this journey, the weight of all the changes that are taking place is really starting to have an impact on my clothing choices and  particularly my choice of footwear. Don't get me wrong, I love a high heel just like the next lady, but right now they are neither practical, nor particularly safe for me to totter about in.
 I thought I would show you how I have been 'bridging' the gap for the time being in choosing comfortable shoes which still have a bit of fashion appeal. 

I recently bought these plimsoles from ASOS which have a silver shimmer all over them. They are a really simple design but oh so comfy! I have found that I can happily wear these all day long and into the evenings without any pinches or rubbing which makes them a total win! I also find these are so great for keeping up with Noah and generally being on my feet all day- I no longer have that dying urge to put comfy slippers on at the end of the day as I totally forget I'm even wearing shoes with these on.

Ladies, these are a pregnancy win for sure. But equally, for any woman who wants to add a bit of shimmer to a casual outfit, these fit the bill perfectly!

Love Bunty


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