Pretty drinking

Good morning everyone! Today I wanted to show you two of my favourite summer drink carafes. I used one the other day and, after getting it out of the shadowy cupboard where it has been hiding since summer, I thought these were really too beautiful to keep shut away just because we have a while to go before picnic season!
I purchased these two carafes from a cute little shop in Lincoln a couple of years ago and I have really loved using them to keep fresh juice or water in. They make a simple glass of water look so much more glamorous and look really cute on the dining table. 
They're also great to fill with juice or water in the summer months if you want to keep your beverage nice and cool. I fill them up and pop them in the fridge- there is nothing more refreshing than reaching for a chilled drink on a hot day!
But, as I re-discovered the other day, there is no reason why these can't be part of your dining table set up all year round!

Happy Tuesday all!

Love Bunty


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