Reminiscing and anticipating

As we are about to embark on a new journey by welcoming a new member of our family into our lives, my thoughts while I'm rushing around during the day are very much concerned with how to make sure we are 'ready' and have all the practical elements in place to receive our littlest addition. But more and more I find my thoughts in the evenings turn to Noah and the past nineteen months of living every day entirely for his benefit and wellbeing. 
I have found myself gazing at old photos of him and admiring his physical development which has always astounded us 'newbie' parents. There is no stopping toddlers- I was joking with my husband about this just earlier this evening. From the moment Noah gets up in the morning, he is on his feet rushing everywhere until bedtime. There is very little that will stop his enthusiasm for chasing about the place at top speed- save the promise of lunch on the table! What is it with little boys and their appetites!?
Like many parents, I know I find myself both hopelessly excited at the thought of our expanding family but also apprehensive at the closing of one chapter as another opens. The concerns of how to manage sharing my time and energy amongst my children after being so entirely focused on one child up to this point does, if I'm honest, scare me a little bit. Thankfully I'm a great believer in 'crossing the bridge' when you come to it.
 Whilst I still have at least (I hope) a couple of weeks of pregnancy to go, I am going to enjoy every second with my firstborn love and our family as it is. Noah is going to be a wonderful brother and I can't wait to go through all the lovely moments of change we have experienced with Noah all over again with this new baby. 

Happily reminiscing and anticipating.

Love Bunty


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