Simple blackboard

I have been enjoying changing things up a little bit at home recently. When January comes around, I like to take a look around the home and see what I can do to freshen things up in anticipation of spring. I had a large board hanging in our kitchen which had a printed image on the top half and a blackboard area on the bottom half. I decided to turn the whole board into one large blackboard which could either be used in the baby's room, or in the kitchen as a list board.
To create an even surface for the blackboard paint to grip onto, I first coated the whole board in an Annie Sloan paint which is so handy as it will grip onto just about any surface. After the Annie sloan paint dried, I painted two coats of blackboard paint onto the board and allowed that to dry. And voila! That was all that was needed to recreate the blackboard as a larger board which can now be used for a variety of things.

One idea I quickly whipped up was to create a poster board with a cute saying to hang in the nursery. I did this this one in about ten seconds using chalk. As rough as it is, I like the idea and I think I will have a go using a chalk pen which gives such a defined white line against the blackboard, it always looks really striking. 

 I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!
Love Bunty


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