Sunday Roast

Today Eddy and I were both craving a full on traditional English roast dinner. With a lovely joint of lamb sitting in the freezer, we decided to give into temptation! Don't worry, this isn't just a post of my dinner...I wanted to show you my mediterranean vegetable recipe which, if I say so myself, I think I nailed tonight!
It's really simple and often you can buy it pre-prepared in the shops, but I like to choose which veggies to mix and roast. I opted for onions, mushrooms, courgettes, peppers and tomatoes. After chopping them all up together and popping them into a roasting dish, I drizzled a good amount of olive oil over them and dusted them with rock salt. This, my friends, was all the preparation needed to provide a delicious medley of vegetables which could compliment so many different meals. The veggies roasted for about half an hour, until they were sizzling! It's worth bearing in mind that they do reduce a lot so if you are trying this for yourselves, make sure to put in more veggies than you think you would need!
You could also season them a bit more adventurously too, I just knew I wanted to keep it simple and fresh tonight as, lets be honest, the lamb and mint sauce was the main event! Haha!

I hope you are all having a lovely evening!
Love Bunty


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