Tidying up mum's dressing table

One of my favourite corners of our house is my little dressing table area. It's actually not strictly a 'dressing table' as it is currently the surface of my chest of drawers. But because of its height I can have my 'mummy' products prettily on display without worrying about Noah reaching them.
Lately however, this little space of mine became the dumping ground for anything from keys, wallets, phones, cables, music studio equipment...literally, you could probably name anything! It was far from organised or pretty and every morning, the battle to reach even just my hairbrush was beginning to  to challenge my patience! Haha!
Yesterday I had a bit of a 'sorting out' day at home where I found new homes for lots of the random items that just build up around the house and make it look cluttered. I organised my little dressing area and removed all the junk that had been swallowing up the surface.
 I think my bedroom decor style is pretty minimalistic as I just like lots of clean space and organisation. I find it hard to relax when my things get cluttered and so I really went to town on sorting everything out!
I thought, especially for you ladies, you might like to see the finished outcome! My chest of drawers are from Ikea, my fairy lights are from Wilkinsons. My mirror belonged to my husband before we got married and my large candle is from Matalan. The other bits on the dresser are just my makeup brushes, hair brushes, a glass pot of cotton wool buds and my Chanel perfume. Apart from those everyday essentials, I have banished everything else from the surface to emphasise its new-found tidiness! 

I hope this inspires some of you mamas like me to claim back your little corner! :p

Love Bunty


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