Tired pregnancy remedy

For the last couple of weeks I have noticed that when the weekend rolls around I have had a bit of a mental/ physical crash where I just feel pretty rotten. Cold season is being talked about left, right and centre and I think we have all fallen victim to some kind of ailment this year! I don't know whether in my case, the weekdays have just been so full on that by the weekend I am just exhausted, but I think being nine months pregnant is definitely only adding to the sense of fatigue. 
This evening my wonderful husband left me alone to have a hot bath and put my feet up whilst he looked after Noah. Although I feel slightly guilty for what essentially became an impromptu 'night off' for me, I think I really needed it- dare I say it! I'm weak mums!
One of my little home-made remedies for when I feel run down is a simple mug of hot water with plenty of lemon. I always feel so relaxed and clean from the inside out after drinking this and tonight it definitely trumped over any caffeine alternatives.

I'm in my pyjamas and I'm ready for bed AND it's only 10pm! I tell you mamas, this is what saturday nights were truly made for!

Happy weekend everyone!
Love Bunty

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