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When I was expecting Noah, I really liked reading other peoples 'what's in my hospital bag' blog posts as I found they really helped me think about what I might want to pack in mine. Sometimes seeing someone else's contents can spark a thought or idea you haven't thought about for yourself. With that in mind, I have decided to post a 'what's in my hospital bag' blog where I will take you through the bare essentials. I will also be doing a 'what's in the baby's bag' post too so you can see all the bits we will be bringing for him.

In my first photo I have gathered together all of the toiletries and bathroom products I will be bringing along. Some of them may or may not get used but I always like to be prepared. You never quite know how long a stay in hospital is going to be with each birth as it is so dependent on the labour and delivery itself. Hopefully these items will keep me covered for any eventuality!

  1. Makeup bag with my everyday makeup essentials. I just find for me that a bit of makeup can make me feel like I can take on anything. It might sound silly, but feeling good about the way I look has a huge impact on my mentality and sometimes small details like a bit of mascara or a nice lipstick can do a lot for my confidence. 
  2. Toothbrush- this was a pack of three as I was intending to bring spares for my husband should he need them but as you can see, we are down to the last one now!
  3. Clinique dramatically different moisturiser 
  4. Tangle teezer- much easier than lugging a large hairbrush along. 
  5. Palmers Tummy butter
  6. Simple face wipes- I don't think I will bother bringing my normal skin care routine as it's not exactly practical for a hospital stay. These are the travel simple wipes so they are in a handy small packet that is perfect for an overnight stay.
  7. Pregnicare tablets
  8. Bio oil- I will continue using this on my tummy area and any stretch marks as it is so brilliant for getting the skin to heal.
  9. Colgate toothpaste- duh!
  10. Carex hand sanitizer
  11. Lansinoh nipple balm- As I plan on breastfeeding if I can, this stuff is a Godsend. It prevents cracking and takes the soreness away, especially in the early days when you're skin is quite sensitive.
  12. Nivea gentle cleansing cream wash- This is such a lovely face wash and I really enjoy using it, especially when my skin is sensitive. It feels like butter on the skin and is so gentle and non irritating. It has that lovely Nivea scent which is iconic of their brand, I personally love it!
  13. Soap & Glory clean on me shower gel- I am such a huge fan of this, I always use it at home so when I saw it in the travel sized version, I picked up a couple for hospital.
  14. Estee Lauder advanced night repair eye gel- this pot is actually all used up now, but I will bring a new one along with me. My eyes are going to need all the help they can get with sleepless nights on the horizons again and this stuff is brilliant and so soothing.
  15. Pink shower puff
  16. Aussie miracle moist travel sized shampoo and conditioner- this is my fave go-to shampoo as I just can't get enough of the scent! You know how scents always manage to evoke memories, this one just reminds me of happy days and relaxing. The first shower after birth is the best shower of your life so I intend to pamper myself royally! Haha!

Here are my other bits for hospital. I should say now that there are some items missing that I am still using and a couple of things I still need to get! Also, I have not included my going home outfit as I don't know what that will be yet! But these are the main essentials which I will be lugging along :)

  1. Matenity bed mats- I bought these last time around with Noah to put in my bed in the final weeks of pregnancy, more as a precaution just incase my waters should break during the night. Guess what?  They did! And these mats totally saved the mattress! Haha, sorry for the TMI but these are one of those easily overlooked items that can just make life so much easier in a potentially stressful situation. I travelled to hospital when I was in labour with Noah and I had a few of these in the back seat with me. They really are worth having to hand just in case! 
  2. Maternity pads- Yep- an obvious must!
  3. Beach towel- I popped down to Primark this week and picked up a holiday towel as I didn't want to bring one of our fluffy white ones. Firstly ours are huge and secondly, I want to feel okay about throwing it away if I need to. This was about £6, it's bright and cheerful and what's more, it will do the job!
  4. Maternity Tens machine- I used this in labour with Noah and I would swear by it! I'm pretty sure that it was the reason I was able to hold out so long at home before going into hospital, so I definitely plan to use it in labour this time around. I actually had it going from about midday till 9.30pm when Noah was born and it was so effective. It helped a lot on the car journey to hospital and at the end of labour too. 
  5. Three pairs of socks
  6. Primark pants- I got these last time around, massive size and no intention of ever wearing them again! Haha. Anyone who has had a baby knows that all you need are cheap big granny pants in the first couple of days post-partum, and then we never speak of them again!
  7. Belly Bandit- I had this to wear after giving birth to Noah and I was insanely impressed by it. It really supports you in the first few days post-partum and aids your uterus contracting back into the pelvic cavity. I wore mine for several weeks and the results were better than I anticipated, especially as I was not particularly exercising before my 6 week pp check. I would recommend this to anyone!
  8. Nursing bra- this was a cheap one I picked up in Primark the other day. I do plan on breastfeeding but I found it extremely difficult with Noah so I will probably hold off buying 'nicer' ones until things are settled and we have made a decision.
  9. Labour nightie- again, this was a Primark offering. I just picked up the easiest looking, baggiest nightie on offer and this one will do the job!
  10. Post Partum Pyjamas- these are really cosy and soft and they will be really easy to breastfeed in too, so they will be coming to hospital with us!
That is pretty much everything I am packing guys! There are few other bits like slippers and a dressing gown that I still have not packed, but the essentials are definitely there! I feel like I am starting to get it all together now and the physical packing motion seems to be helping me to mentally prepare too. I just can't believe we are nearly there now!

 Before this turns into an essay, I will end this post but I will pop another one up with everything I am packing for the baby- watch out for that one! :)

Love Bunty


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