When one tablecloth isn't enough!

I've been meaning to do something about our dining table for a while now and, after I finished sprucing our kitchen dresser up with a lick of paint, I decided to turn my attention to our table and get it ready for spring-while I still have the time!
Our dining table is really symbolic of family time and whilst more recently we have been getting Noah into a rhythm of eating together as a family, I wanted to make it look a little fresher for us all to enjoy our meals together. 
 I knew I also wanted to ensure it was easy to keep clean and tidy so that any tablecloths wouldn't get covered in tomato ketchup on the first night!

My sister in law did a beautiful job on her dining table last year using a clear pvc covering to protect the tablecloths underneath. It's such a great idea because when you have little one's at the table you either have to forgo dressing the table for dinner, or look for a suitable alternative. Clear pvc tablecloths are a great way to 'meet in the middle' so you can still use the exact table linen you want, but without the worry of dodging food stains every two seconds!

I was in our local sainsbury's earlier doing the weekly shop with Noah and I came across their tablecloth section which happened to have this beautifully simple taupe Linen tablecloth. It has such a soft colouring that I knew would go really nicely with the colours we already have in our home. As our table is quite small, I only needed to buy the small tablecloth, which ended up being too big in the end! I simply have folded it in half and laid it over the table as the first layer. I could have ironed the linen to flatten it more and remove the creases, but I actually like the slightly more rugged look it provides as it is. It doesn't look too 'perfect' or fussed over and I think for a busy family like ours, it fits pretty well.

On top of this linen tablecloth I folded one of my 'hand towels' from The White Company. I bought these last summer and since then they have catered for a wide variety of uses around the house: from cushion covers to beach towels, now to table coverings! They are incredibly versatile and I love this particular one for its tassled edges and light blue stripes running through the ends. The subtle detailing is easy to work into most colour schemes as it is really very fresh and neutral.

The third layer on my table is my Sophie Allport runner. I got this a few weeks ago when I was having a bit of a post-christmas sale splurge. Although this design wasn't actually in the sale, I just fell in love with it. Again, I have folded it in half as it is a very generously sized runner. The chickens really remind me of the 'country style' I am so fond of and they are a fun detail for Noah to be able to point out and inevitably begin mimicking their clucking! 

The final layer is a clear pvc sheet which I picked up for about £3 on Ebay. This is such a lifesaver as it means I don't have to remove any of the other tablecloths when Noah is eating with us. It's super easy to wipe clean and has already proved its value by catching several water spills and plenty of food! 

So, those three fabrics have come together to make our current table setting. I really like the outcome and I'm looking forward to creating some different looks over the next few weeks...watch that space!

I hope you are all having a relaxing evening!
Love Bunty


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