One week postpartum

Hey guys! It's so lovely to be blogging again and I'm thrilled to introduce our little bundle of joy to you all- we are so in love with our newest little prince!

I was several days over my due date when my waters broke last friday night. After the initial panic of realising this was going to be an 'all-nighter' labour, we settled down to see how things progressed. I had a sneaky feeling this would be a fast labour as there seems to be a tendency for them in subsequent pregnancies on my mum's side of the family. However, I was not expecting things to progress as quickly as they did. Within an hour of my waters breaking my contractions were significantly uncomfortable. With Noah it took several hours to reach that level of pain so, as we waited at home, I felt quite unsure of exactly how far into the labour we were. 
After being checked at the hospital, I was told that I was not in established labour yet which, honestly, was the hardest thing to hear at that point because it was 1.30am, I was exhausted and the contractions were way more intense than they should have been for 'non-established' labour. 

Unfortunately, I think I was one of those cases of ladies who suddenly go from not dilated at all, to fully ready to push within a very short space of time. We had another trip to the hospital where we were pretty much told the same thing and were sent home. 

By 6am I knew something wasn't right as these contractions were whoppers and I was struggling to breathe through them. Eddy got on the phone to the midwives again, at which point I started feeling that all too well know sensation of pressure. I knew the baby was on his way and I think the midwife on the phone realised too as she stopped suggesting paracetamol and a warm bath at that point- thank goodness!

From that moment onwards, everything was quite dramatic and, I must admit quite traumatic too! Our hospital was a good 15 minutes away in the car and as we got onto the motorway I started needing to push. It was honestly quite scary as up to that point I had really thought perhaps I'm being a total chicken this time around as I had been assured that I wasn't in labour yet. But at the same time I knew these were the serious end of labour contractions and I just had to trust my instincts and get to the hospital as quickly as possible.

Getting from the carpark at hospital to the maternity unit was honestly a miracle. We made our way to the corridor outside the maternity unit where I basically started delivering the baby. Thankfully the midwives came running from different directions and managed to get me into a delivery suite where, 20 minutes later our little Jonah was born! 

It wasn't the labour I had imagined but the timing was perfect and I'm so glad that we insisted on going into the hospital when we did- otherwise things would have been very different! 

One week on, I cant believe we did it! I say 'we' intentionally as there was no way I could have made it without my husband Eddy next to me. It has been a roller coaster week of emotions and hormones but I know I will treasure this last week forever. We are getting to know our little Jonah and he has already made quite the impact on our little family. Noah is simply besotted with him, as are we!

Although tired, I am feeling better than I thought I would by the end of this first week. I think having Noah to run around after has made me feel back to normal faster. I've been up and on my feet much quicker this time which has brought a sense of normality back to our routine. We have also had Eddy's mum staying with us which has been such a support. She has been helping us with everything from cooking meals to rocking the baby at night. I don't know what we would have done without her!

Although this labour and delivery was undoubtedly much harder than Noah's was, I feel like I am recovering much faster this time around. It doesn't exactly seem logical, but I guess once you have been through labour the first time, your body kind of knows what it is doing second time around. 

Jonah is doing so well too. Like his brother, he is a hungry chappy and so we are breastfeeding him and supplementing with bottle feeds too. We don't exactly have a 'routine' for him yet as we are being led by him with regards to feeds at the moment and it changes from day to day. I must say that the nights have been easier to cope with than first anticipated. Jonah tends to have a bottle feed last thing at night with daddy whilst I get a few hours sleep. Then I have been feeding him around 2am-3am and again around 5am-6am. 

I still can't believe Jonah is ours and that he is a brother to Noah. We have been having some really cosy snuggly days this week where Noah has been doting on little Jonah, giving him lots of kisses and hugs. It makes me really proud as a mummy to see our two little sons together and I cant wait to see their friendship develop as they both grow older.

Before this turns into an essay, I wanted to say a huge thank you to the midwife team at the Queen Alexandra hospital in Portsmouth who helped me deliver Jonah. Although we only stayed in hospital till the afternoon, my postpartum care really was second to none and I felt so well taken care of. 

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend!
Love Bunty


Meet Jonah Michael

Hey guys...it's been a busy weekend for us as our gorgeous new babe finally made his entrance into the world at 8:29am on Saturday, 21st Feb. Jonah Michael is here!
 I'm taking a bit of down time from the blog as we adjust to life with another newborn, however I couldn't resist showing you some photos.



Bloom & Wild

Having celebrated Valentine's day last week, flowers have been on my mind a fair bit! I have missed the beautiful local florist I used to work in when we lived in Lincoln and, having found nowhere that compares down here, it was a real treat to come across Bloom & Wild when I was flicking through my Country homes magazine.

They are an online florist who have really found a niche in the market by putting together boxes of flowers specifically designed to fit through your letterbox. Not only does this mean you don't necessarily have to worry if you are not home when the flowers arrive, but you get to enjoy putting your own arrangement together which for me, as an ex-florist, is a really fun way to enjoy a moment of creativity in the comfort of my home.

I decided to trial the idea and went ahead and ordered the 'Rosalind' bouquet: a beautiful bunch of twelve pink roses. They arrived promptly on the day I was promised and in perfect condition. Each rose head was covered with a protective net to ensure their safe arrival and they honestly looked so fresh and hydrated- as if they had only just been cut!

The bouquet also came with a handy card suggesting a few arrangement ideas and how to extend the life of the flowers for as long as possible. Helpful indeed! Bloom & Wild offer a discount if you opt for a subscription which is a really great incentive and quite enticing as the flowers are so reasonably priced! It really takes the hassle out of looking for fresh flowers if you struggle locally and what is more, they are an absolutely perfect idea to send as a gift! 

I've been really impressed with mine and it was really nice to get to put my bouquet together by myself and really enjoy the flowers that way. I would really recommend Bloom & Wild if you know somebody who deserves a real treat! I know for certain I will be ordering again!

Happy weekend guys! 
Love Bunty


Bombay Duck

I have been dying to upload this post for ages now, but I have had to wait because this beautiful mug by Bombay Duck was actually a gift for my younger sister and I only managed to see her yesterday to give it to her! 
Nevertheless, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to introduce you to Bombay Duck, (if you've not come across them before) they produce some of the most gorgeous home accessories and gifts. These beautiful monogrammed mugs are just one of their range of mugs which, I think, make the perfect gift either for yourself or somebody you love. It won't surprise you that I am placing a cheeky order for myself! Haha!

What I love most is the attention to detail, with the delicately painted letters, handles and polka dots. The effect is so pretty, dainty and utterly sweet-these mugs are bound to look good just about anywhere: be it an office desk, kitchen dresser or sideboard. 

Have you come across Bombay Duck before? 
You can check out their website (here)

Love Bunty



Spring florals

It's funny how spring has a way of making us want to start afresh and turn over a new leaf. I like to get on with our 'spring clean' around the home and organise the odds and ends that otherwise end up cluttering the place. It's a good time in general to think about what the home needs to take on the year ahead and the change in whether always makes it seem a less daunting task! 
 I was just talking to my sister about this the other day- the great kitchen pots and pans debate- do we spend a little and get more pans or do I invest more money in less but better quality pieces? Oh the decisions!

But pots and pans are a rather dull place to start. I have been scrolling through the internet tonight and have felt so inspired by the beautiful florals that can so easily be weaved into the fabric of the home. M&S have a beautiful collection of homewares that have just arrived. If you are in need of a little colour to awaken your home after the winter, I suggest you try M&S home as a first port of call- seriously, who doesn't want to bake cookies in a ditsy floral apron? Or drink tea from a pretty monogrammed mug? 
I had to stop myself from getting carried away with the photos- they're from the M&S website so don't worry, I didn't buy up the whole store! But perhaps they will inspire some of your spring home projects? 
Go on, you know you deserve to treat yourself!

Happy shopping!
 Love Bunty


Stepping into spring!

We have been enjoying the first signs of spring these last few days. I can never quite put my finger on exactly what it is but it's 
unmistakable when you step outside and breathe in the fresh air- it actually smells of summer! 

Noah happened to raid my nail varnishes the other day and, as I was putting them away again, I realised I had all these lovely pastel colours that I haven't used in too long. These are my go-to 'spring colours' that are perfect for coming out of the dark berry tones which have dominated my nails throughout winter. It's nice to  be able to freshen up your mani' with a cheerful pop of colour!

These are all from Barry M- one of my all time fave nail polish brands. They never disappoint with their array of colours and effects and there is always a perfect one to suit just about any mood!

Step into spring with happy nails!

Love Bunty


41 weeks pregnant!

I must admit, I was hoping I wouldn't have to write this post! But as it is, I'm still here and waiting for this arrival! If you have been following these posts, you will know that at my earlier scan they pushed my weeks back meaning that although by my dates I was 40 weeks last week, the 'computer' would date me at 40 weeks pregnant this week. So there has always been this week of difference along the way! 

I've had a really nice and relaxed week anyway, we haven't done too much as it has been such a waiting game where you don't really fancy being too far from home at any one time. My poor husband is on tenterhooks with every niggle and twinge I feel- I think he is just as impatient as I am for things to get going! 

Anyway, instead of doing my usual update, I thought I would do something a little different today. My symptoms really haven't changed much this week, so if you read back through last week's post it gives a pretty clear review of how this week has passed too!

 I wanted to put together a collage of my week by week pregnancy photos. When I think that we started taking them at 13 weeks pregnant, it's really cool for Eddy and I to look back over them together and see the changes each week. Enjoy!

I hope you are all having a pleasant week!
Love Bunty



A morning at the beach

I have been feeling quite cooped up recently with plenty of false alarms on the labour front and general end of pregnancy symptoms. It's made me want to stay close to home and hibernate but at the same time I have been itching to get out of the house and just have a normal day with my boys. 

This morning Eddy decided we would all go for a nice wander together, staying near to home but still getting out to the beach and basking in the beautiful sunshine we had.
We trooped down to our local sun spot where the boys enjoyed practicing skimming pebbles along the shore. The sun felt so warm and heavenly on our skin and it made me think that summer really isn't too far away. I don't know about you but I am so ready for summer to make an appearance!

It was a beautiful way to spend the morning and so refreshing to be warm at the beach. Noah also really enjoyed watching all the boats go by, especially the enormous Brittany Ferry- a frequent sighting here! The big boats always create large waves which added to the fun for Noah and Eddy. I knew my hopes of keeping socks and trousers dry were unrealistic to begin with!

It's always amazing how the fresh air can really lift your spirits and help you to calm your mind- and I suppose being treated to a delicious Cafe Rouge breakfast might have helped too! :p 

I must mention that these photos are all camera phone one's- sorry about the quality, we just didn't fancy lugging the big camera around with all of Noah's things as well! 

Love Bunty


My week in pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...whether that's true or not, I have really been enjoying instagram lately as a way to look back over my week visually. Each Sunday I have made a habit of collating the past week's instagram photos and looking back over each of them.

 It might sound a bit sad, but I like to look back over my week and think about what has happened: the good, bad and ugly! Although my instagram account is largely a creative outlet for my growing interest in photography, I still like to post more personal 'family' snaps now and again. Something about seeing all the images together really inspires me with new ideas for the upcoming week ahead!

 With this in mind, I thought I would share with you all 'my week in pictures!' I won't explain them all as many of them can be found in various blog posts. However, if I had to pick a favourite it would have to be our little black and white family 'selfie' below. With not a scrap of makeup on my face and my hair a complete mess, this was a happy moment yesterday morning. We swapped our Valentine's day cards and tried to forget about other worries for a while, just enjoying our Saturday morning together.

If you want to have a little peek, you can follow my instagram page (here).

I hope you all have a lovely day today!

Love Bunty



Pretty tea cups

I've always been a fan of the old 'tea break' whether at home, or out and about. It can be an opportunity to catch up with a friend, to make a phone call home, flick through a magazine, or simply enjoy a moment of peace during the bustle of the day.
I've had this pair of teacups and saucers for a few years after picking them up in a boutique in Devon. They initially caught my eye as such pretty vintage-style tea cups which could brighten the dullest afternoon. Though I still use them to drink from on occasion, they do sometimes end up in my bedroom collecting hair pins or other accessories. Either way, they're far too sweet to keep stored away in the back of my cupboards! 

They are also stocked online at Dot com gift shop if you're interested in treating yourself!

In the meantime, Happy Valentine's day! I hope everyone is having a nice day!

Love Bunty



Latest faves

Hi guys! A little pre-weekend treat is my roundup of current favourites I have been loving. I know I normally do a post of my monthly faves at the end of the month, but I have found a few things have been overlapping between this month and last, so I thought I would go ahead anyway and talk you through these items that have made a real difference to my month!

First up is my copy of Love, Tanya which I was so excited to get my hands on! Incase you don't know, Tanya Burr is a hugely popular blogger and Youtube sensation where she often uploads daily vlogs and produces videos on beauty tutorials, reviews and tips. She has also recently brought out her own cosmetics range with Superdrug and to top it all off, now she has also released this book which is a bit of a mixture of her own autobiography, baking recipes, fashion tips, skincare advice amongst a whole array of other topics. I have admired her for a long time as someone who comes across so personably and has a refreshingly down to earth attitude. This book is brilliant to read cover to cover, or just to pick up if you are in need of a beautiful cupcake recipe! 

My second favourite has been these shoes from Next. What I love most is how the low heel ensures your feet sit at such a comfy angle- all day! I really think these epitomise 'mom-style' as they are definitely a repeated style that graced the shops years ago. I always remember my own mum wearing similar shoes when I was growing up, maybe that's why they really represent a more 'grown up' look to me. As much as these are perfect for a downtime casual look, they do look quite sophisticated and would also be great for a slightly more formal look too.

Next up has to be Clinique's moisture surge extended thirst relief. (Mouthful!) Not that I really need any more skincare products, but I have been finding my skin has been breaking out loads recently and it seems to have recoiled back into hypersensitive mode!
 I do always rely on Clinique for skincare that is guaranteed to be gentle and non-irritating and I was not let down! This gel-cream formula literally feels like a hydration boost on my face and neck when I wear it. It sinks in pretty fast which makes it ideal as part of my morning skincare routine because I can get on with applying makeup straight away without having to wait for it to dry. A little goes a really long way too, so I know this 50ml pot will last a good while too! I think this would be a perfect travel companion if your skin just needs a bit of a hydration boost, particularly if you are jetting off anywhere exciting in the next few months?! 

Finally, my last favourite in this collection is my Real Techniques setting brush. I have become obsessed with this little guy! I actually use this brush to apply concealer as I hate ending up with products on my hands when applying makeup. This brush is the perfect size for reaching those delicate areas around your eyes and nose- the places on my face notorious for uneven tone! It really is a great brush for more fine application and blends like a dream!

So those are my four faves I have been obsessing over recently. I hope you find this post helpful and perhaps it will inspire you to give some of them a try for yourself?!

Happy Friday all!
Love Bunty

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