I feel as if there are about to be lots of celebrations in the next few weeks! What with Valentines day just around the corner and family birthdays coming up too, my mind is very much on writing cards and choosing gifts at the moment! 
We royally kick started the partying last night as Eddy and I hosted a tea for one of our dear friends whose birthday is also at the weekend. 
It was a really nice evening of just being able to relax with good people around us and it really helped me take my mind off my own current situation. (Officially overdue people!) Haha! 
In fact it was just a really lovely evening in its own right with some of our best friends and I know Eddy and I both felt really relaxed and chilled at the end of the evening, a feeling we could really use a bit more of lately! 

Simple, wholesome fun with a few bottles of Vino thrown in is always the best way friends...


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