Cosy stripes

There are certain items of clothing in our home that seem to either mysteriously vanish in the wash, or are ALWAYS in need of a wash. I find no matter how many pairs of pyjamas I buy Noah, we always need more as whenever I look in his wardrobe we tend to be down to the last clean pair. We all know toddlers are messy little beings and with this in mind, I like to stock pile on the essentials every so often.

We are lucky enough to have a White Company outlet really close where I love buying Noah pyjamas from as I always manage to find a quality bargain. I recently bought him these gorgeous striped pyjamas to take him through the next year. I did buy them in size 2-3 years, so they really should last a while! I also picked him out some new slippers as he seems to have lost one of his old pair- typical little boy!
I'm a real sucker for the more traditional styles of little boy's pyjamas- in fact it doesn't just stop with children's clothes. I prefer traditional pyjamas myself as opposed to animated themes and I absolutely love stripes! You can imagine my excitement when I found these! 


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