Free Flowers!

Yesterday, whilst I was at my local supermarket I received one of those 'money off your next shop' vouchers after I checked out my groceries and, to my delight, it was over five pounds worth! The dear old lady who always serves us was eager that I treat myself to something there and then, as she has gotten to know us over the last few months and knew very well that I might not be back at the shops for a little while! Weak as I am, I decided to treat our home to a lovely bunch of fresh flowers- a real treat as we don't have a pretty local florist here.

I opted for a cheerful bunch of lilies and Delphiniums. Lilies always remind me of home as my Dad has bought them for my Mum for as long as I can remember! The supermarkets around us don't often have a choice bunch of 'country cottage' style flowers and I often feel disappointed with the quality and presentation of their flowers, but these ones were so pretty and fresh and I grabbed them straight away.

Well, you cant say no to free flowers!

Happy Thursday all!
Love Bunty

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