Little masterpieces!

Noah really enjoys colouring these days, in fact I don't think we get through one day to the next without some form of colouring needing to take place. Whether it be the coffee table or an attempt at the walls, I like to have his colouring books on hand to remind him where he should be aiming his masterpieces at!
That said, up until now, my little artist didn't have the most basic accessory needed for his little creations, a pencil case! In the past I have been stacking all his crayons, pencils and brushes in a big beer glass but that has become a bit hazardous as of late.

 I found this pencil case in Cath Kidston and paid about £4 for it (win!) and I just love how it holds all the essentials in one compact space. He can pop it in his bag when we are out and about, or just have it to hand near his colouring books. 

I couldn't resist with the 'mom duty' of labelling his name on the front...I don't know what is going to happen when he goes to school for the first time. I can imagine myself going a bit 'label crazy' with all of the bits and pieces he will need.

Anyway, I thought I would share this rather cost effective solution for storing my toddlers crayons. I'm hoping he will like the zip so much, he will be all the more inclined to pack them away when he's finished- though I suspect that's my own wishful thinking!

Oh well!
Happy Sunday everyone!
Love Bunty


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