Meet George the monkey!

Noah has always been really keen on his stuffed little friends, but none of the others receive quite as much affection and attention as his little George the Monkey. There is a cartoon he used to be obsessed with called 'Curious George' which is all about the cheeky mischief this monkey named George would get up to. George the cartoon looks remarkably like Noah's fluffy version and so we named him George after his then, favourite cartoon character!
Although Noah has never been into having a 'blankie' or comforter, I think George the monkey is the closest thing he has to them as he will always look for 'Jawj' when he wants a cuddle on the sofa, or when we are leaving the house. In fact, these days I've noticed that George is always somewhere close to hand!
I love watching Noah and George playing together as they will often be found in his room conjuring all kinds of make-believe adventures, I'm sure!

As a mummy, It's just lovely to see your toddler's vibrant little imagination developing and coming to life through play.

Happy thursday!
Love Bunty

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