Relax time

One fail safe thing that I find always calms me down and relaxes me is to run a hot bath (preferably with a bomb from Lush) and light some candles. In fact, I look forward to this time of day when the chores are all done, the baby is sleeping and I can just enjoy half an hour of 'me time'. It's a really simple routine that has become a fixed part of my evening unwind and it always works its magic- especially when I am tired, sore, or worried about something.
I have always been a 'bath person'- I like to set up my iPad to catch up with my favourite You tubers whilst reclining into a hot tub and, given half the chance, I could easily while away a whole evening (before realising my skin is all wrinkly!) Haha!

I think we all have certain things we like to do to calm ourselves or to alleviate anxiety and I guess I'm sharing my secret tonight- nothing works for me quite like a Lush bath!

What do you guys like to do to relax?
Love Bunty


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