Spring florals

It's funny how spring has a way of making us want to start afresh and turn over a new leaf. I like to get on with our 'spring clean' around the home and organise the odds and ends that otherwise end up cluttering the place. It's a good time in general to think about what the home needs to take on the year ahead and the change in whether always makes it seem a less daunting task! 
 I was just talking to my sister about this the other day- the great kitchen pots and pans debate- do we spend a little and get more pans or do I invest more money in less but better quality pieces? Oh the decisions!

But pots and pans are a rather dull place to start. I have been scrolling through the internet tonight and have felt so inspired by the beautiful florals that can so easily be weaved into the fabric of the home. M&S have a beautiful collection of homewares that have just arrived. If you are in need of a little colour to awaken your home after the winter, I suggest you try M&S home as a first port of call- seriously, who doesn't want to bake cookies in a ditsy floral apron? Or drink tea from a pretty monogrammed mug? 
I had to stop myself from getting carried away with the photos- they're from the M&S website so don't worry, I didn't buy up the whole store! But perhaps they will inspire some of your spring home projects? 
Go on, you know you deserve to treat yourself!

Happy shopping!
 Love Bunty

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