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I have a feeling that Valentines day is going to be a bit of a quiet affair in our house this year! Normally my husband and I would get dressed up and go out for a nice meal but I think this weekend we are going to simply enjoy some fine cuisine in the comfort of our own home- mainly as I would be way more comfortable on the sofa than sitting on a rigid chair for two hours! (I know, very sad!)

Nevertheless, I have been planning our little Valentines celebration this week and, after a few visits to the shops to buy some gifts, I felt quite inspired to show you some of the items that really get me in the mood for a wholesome, family celebration of St. Valentines day.

 For me, that means being especially mindful of our loved ones, near and far. In my own family we have always celebrated my younger sister's birthday on Valentines day and this year she is turning 18, so it is all the more poignant a celebration! 
Now that I have my own family, I really want to include Noah in our celebrations and make Valentines day an opportunity to be mindful of all the love we share and how fortunate we are to live in a stable, happy home with the people most dear to us. 

Here are some of my favourite things that will be making an appearance this Valentines day:

1) My silicone heart cake mould- I bought a couple of these a few years ago and though I don't use them half as much as I should, Valentines day will provide the perfect excuse to do some heart themed baking!

2) Ciate red nail polish- Though my hands might be deep in nappy changes and pot washing, there's always a few minutes to be found in the evenings to paint my nails and feel like a real lady of the house!

3) Gold earrings- These are a bit glamorous for day to day wear, hence why I love them! 

4) Revlon's 415 Pink in the Afternoon- One of my all time faves! This is a really pretty vintage rose colour and looks great on fair skin like mine. If I'm not feeling bold enough to go for a bright red and slightly cliche lip, this is always a great back up to add a pop of colour and make me feel a bit special.

5) Scrabble!-My original board game from when I was about 8! We grew up playing Scrabble a lot as a family and, as I hope to make this Valentines day all about family, I am hoping to get lots of silly board games out so we can chill out and enjoy each other's company, (and mischief no doubt!)

How are you guys celebrating Valentines day?

Love Bunty


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