2 weeks postpartum

I can't believe my little chicken nugget is now two weeks old! When did that happen?! I think the biggest milestone this week was that we got discharged from our midwife as Jonah piled on some serious weight and has now surpassed his initial birth weight. 
In terms of feeding, Jonah is doing really well too. We combination feed as, like his brother, he is a hungry little chap and I just can't keep up with his demand by myself- thank goodness for formula! He does have a tongue-tie which will be partitioned in a couple of weeks and unfortunately, I think that has affected his ability to feed efficiently- hence why he loves the free flowing formula from a bottle. 

One thing that has been lovely to see is how much Noah has been doting on his baby brother. I think the realisation that Jonah will be sticking around is beginning to dawn on him as he has been much more relaxed and content after such a turbulent first week. Noah is so keen to help with anything from nappy changes to bathing the baby and it's so rewarding as a parent to watch his love for his brother develop.

In honesty, I think the hardest part of adjusting to having a newborn has been the sleepless nights. I recently read a beautiful testimony from a mother who spoke about the night time feeds as a privileged opportunity to bond with her child- What a heroine of a mother! I wish I had more of her selfless nature but I have to confess to finding the lack of sleep quite hard to cope with. It just makes the days exhausting as it's not possible to nap with Noah needing to be cared for too. 
Jonah has had a few very busy nights which have meant about 2/3 hours sleep total for mum and dad- it has been tough going but I guess knowing it's not forever does make it easier to get through. 

In terms of my own recovery, I'm feeling so much more human this week! I feel stronger and much more comfortable too. I had my first hot bath this week, which I have been absolutely craving since day one! Nothing is as relaxing or soothing to me and I have really missed bathing in the evenings since I made it a firm part of my evening unwind during my pregnancy. I was advised against bathing initially after birth because of my stitches but things are on the mend and thankfully I got the 'all clear' from my midwife the other day. Sorry if that is 'tmi' but it really was a high moment for me this week! 

Also, since giving birth I have lost about 16lbs in total which is a good start as I know I have some work to do. I'm not going to be putting unnecessary pressure on myself but I am looking forward to getting back into my old skinny jeans again- no word of a lie! 

I think that is pretty much everything for my 2 week postpartum update. I don't think I mentioned it last week, but I plan to do a weekly update for the first four weeks and then regular monthly updates for Jonah and postpartum updates for me. 

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend!
Love Bunty


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