Family in the sun

After the excitement of the eclipse this morning, we enjoyed a very warm day of sunshine that really left us feeling as if it were the middle of summer. We are having a few days in Devon with my family- introducing the baby to his uncles and just having a bit of a getaway from the city.

I can't believe how much of a difference being outside makes to your wellbeing and, as we took Noah and Jonah to the park today, both Eddy and I couldn't help but long for this kind of lifestyle. We were both really struck by the beautiful silence of the countryside all around us. All we could hear were the birds singing and Noah's excited screeching as he went down the slide a hundred times! 

The usual compelling need to have mobile phones on us vanished as we embraced simple good fun as a family. It's amazing how stepping outside of the 'normal routine' can make you question your habits. Why on earth would you need a mobile phone in your hand when there are such heavenly views all around you, just waiting for you to take them in with your eyes?

'Refreshing' is definitely the word for today. After a long time playing with Noah in the park, we retreated home with one very worn out toddler. During his afternoon nap I got the opportunity to get my trainers on and go for a run. I opted for my favourite route which holds so many memories for me: the same route that many of my siblings have come to love when we are home. It always jerks the memory of 'getting fit' before my sister's wedding and then, subsequently my own back in 2012. 

 It is a very hilly route which takes you through some of the most picturesque country scenes- a real feast for your eyes. In total it amounts to about 3 1/2 miles which was enough for me, haha! Needless to say I was ready to relax when I got home.

Today has just been such a gift of a day. The warm sun on our skin and the dry grass to roll about in has given us a much needed opportunity to just be and forget about all worries and concerns.

Happy weekend everyone!

Love Bunty

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