One month postpartum

Hello everyone- sorry this post is technically a day late like last week- I totally forgot to get it up yesterday! Here we are at a whole month postpartum- amazing! I'm feeling really good and settled this week. We have been visiting my parents to introduce Jonah to my brothers. As they are both severely disabled they haven't been able to get to Portsmouth to see us so it has been a lovely excuse to spend a few more days in the glorious Devonshire countryside!

I have managed to lose several more pounds so it's quite nice to know my pregnancy weight is steadily falling away. Without getting too caught up in weight loss, I do have an end goal and I'm glad to know that I am well on my way. But I know at the same time it's important to be realistic and patient with weight loss. Hopefully by the summer months i'll be feeling a bit closer to my old self!

Jonah has been doing really well this week. He is feeding lots and I am continuing to breastfeed and formula feed at the same time. Although I haven't had him weighed in a little while, I can see that his legs and body are filling out a bit more so the weight is definitely going on.

Jonah normally only wakes once or twice a night for a feed which is really nice! I tend to feed him around 10pm and then anywhere between 2-4am and then first thing in the morning around 7am. We have had a few busier nights than that but on the whole he is a contented little baby who lets his mummy and daddy get some rest. 'Touch wood' it stays that way!

I think that is pretty much everything for our one month update-until next month!

Love Bunty

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