Simple skincare routine

I haven't posted a facial skincare routine in ages as up until about three months ago I had found myself chopping and changing it up very frequently. Whilst pregnant, my skin (on my face) seemed to be very sensitive and I had to be quite careful with how I looked after it, making an effort to avoid harsh chemicals that are so prevalent in many products these days.
In the last few months I have really settled into a routine that works for me and which I'm really happy with. Obviously, my morning routine varies slightly to my evening one as the evening is all about removing makeup and cleansing the skin from any impurities, whilst my morning routine is more centred around 'waking up' my face and hydrating it ready for the day.

These are the five products that are currently in my routine without fail! In the mornings I like to use Nivea's Gentle cleansing cream wash on my face. This is such a beautifully gentle face wash that feels so hydrating on the skin. It's thick and creamy and smells divine! It really feels like a gentle wake up treatment in the morning to revive tired skin and perk me up for the day ahead. Although I have tried lots of different high and low end facial washes, this is definitely a favourite and I think it stacks up pretty well against some of the more expensive brands out there.

After washing my face in the mornings I like to use my Clinique moisture surge to hydrate my face before applying makeup. What I like most about this product is how quickly it sinks into my skin leaving it feeling so hydrated and cool. It's a great product for on the go mum's who can't be waiting around for products to dry before moving onto the next. 

My evening skincare routine normally begins with Garnier's Micellar cleansing water which I have been a fan of for a long time now. This stuff breaks makeup down so quickly and efficiently- I would never intentionally go back to using facial wipes having discovered this! I tend to take my time removing my makeup to do so thoroughly and I use cotton wool pads to do this. After removing every last scrap of makeup I will either wash my face with my Nivea cleansing wash, or go straight in with my Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm. My EH cleansing balm is a relatively new find as I have only been using it for about a month but I am obsessed with it! I apply this all over my face and neck and after leaving it for a minute or two, I take a hot muslin cloth and carefully massage away the excess. This is such a lovely at home treatment which leaves your skin super silky and soft and so hydrated- I love it!

After cleansing, I tend to use my Clinique dramatically different moisturiser in the evenings as it is a little thicker than the moisture surge and so it works well overnight as the last product on my skin. 
If my face feels a little dehydrated I will mix this with either EH cleansing balm to make an overnight mask, or use some of the Clinique moisture surge with it as both are excellent for treating dry, unhappy skin.

That is pretty much it for my skincare routine. I like that it is quick and easy to do, but thorough at the same time. I don't like to cut corners with my skincare as there are many factors in my lifestyle that affect it, such as sleep deprivation! Also, considering the fact that I am, admittedly, a bit obsessed with makeup; I do want to look after my skin and keep it healthy and happy.

I hope you find this post helpful!

Love Bunty

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