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Last summer, Eddy and I took a trip to London where we had a few days 'getting away from it all'. As it was our anniversary, Eddy treated me to a few bits and pieces when we went shopping and one item was the pink version of this cute bag from Zara.

 What I liked about it so much was that it had a place for everything. I can't be dealing with a big bag that swallows up keys, phones and purses and requires a good five minutes of rummaging to find what you're looking for- especially when it's something to pacify an impatient toddler!
I like organisation and this bag is perfect for that! With two outside zip compartments and inside compartments, you always know where to find exactly what you want.

Anyway, my sister recently bought the blue version and I have seriously considered stealing it from her because it's such a pretty colour! Mine also happens to be rather worn now as I have used it pretty consistently since last summer. That's it's only downfall- it's not leather so, sadly, it won't last forever. However, as a bag to take you through the summer seasons, it's ideal.
I'm on the lookout for a new handbag at the moment and I just wish I could find a leather version of this, it would just tick all the boxes for me...the hunt continues!
Happy Friday all!
Love Bunty


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