Toddler growing up!

This weekend saw a bit of a transformation take place in Noah's room which resulted in a good 'sorting out' of all his things and altering his cot to become a toddler bed. What spurred on this seemingly random change you might ask? Well, during his nap time on Saturday, I heard this almighty thud and came rushing into Noah's room to find he had managed to climb over his cot railings and fallen onto the floor. The poor pudding didn't know what had hit him but needless to say there were lots of tears- thankfully nothing worse though! 
I have to say I was so relieved that he didn't hurt himself as he clearly didn't have much control of how he fell, but from that moment I mentally packed up the cot to move him into a big boy bed. 

When Eddy got home from work we set to work on converting his cot. I bought his cot originally for its convenient ability to convert from a baby cot into a proper bed for a toddler. All we had to do was to remove the railings and lower the head and footboards-simple! 

Now Noah has a cute dinky bed which is really low to the ground too. It's good because if he did happen to roll out, he would have a much softer landing- we're talking inches, literally!
Looking back, it really has been a month of changes, my first baby is no longer a baby, he's growing up so fast now and his big boy bed is just the beginning!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!
Love Bunty


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