Noah has become quite the little 'dude' in the last few weeks. From his striving for independence at nearly every opportunity, to just wanting to be like his daddy, I can't help but smile as I watch him try to take on the world around him and make sense of it all.

Like many little boys of his age, right now two main interests of his are dinosaurs and cars. It's a good job that his uncle Joe shares his obsession for cars as there have been plenty to play with at my parents house and Noah has relished in having the space to run about growling at his soft dinosaur toys and 'brum brumming' his cars everywhere.

It's been lovely to watch him burn off energy at my parents house. It's a much larger property than ours and, consequently, the difference it makes to Noah's fatigue by the end of the day is remarkable. He is always just exhausted with the fun of running around everywhere!

Anyway, I want to share with you some happy photos of his busy little self playing with uncle Joe's cars yesterday... I hope you enjoy these :)

Happy Monday everyone!
Love Bunty


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