Best high-end concealer dupe

I never was that bothered by wearing concealer before I had children. Being lucky enough to have scraped through my teens without too many skin issues, I suppose the idea of concealing or covering up blemishes just wasn't something I thought about too much. However, the last two years of nursing and tending to babies at night has certainly taken its toll on my skin and currently I find it almost impossible to cover my panda eyes without a little help from a trusty concealer!

That said, I've tried many different concealers over the last two years: different formulas, coverages, colours...you name it! I have settled on two favourites which I tend to only buy now as they have stuck out to me as the most effective- they just work!

Estee Lauder's is an older favourite which I have come to love. I always buy it in the shade 'light' which is the perfect cover up for a whole host of imperfections. Sometimes it's nice not to wear a full face of makeup, but equally it's also nice to look human! This concealer is my bridge! I can pop this under my eyes and on any other areas of uneven skin tone on my face to mask the lot. It's a great one to wear by itself for a fresh faced- barely there look.

Estee lauder's concealer is, in my opinion, second to none in its staying power, finish and formula. However,  a while back I wanted to see if I could find a high street 'dupe' as I had been for a spray tan and didn't have a concealer to match my tan! I decided to test Rimmel's Wake me up concealer and was utterly taken aback by its quality. Not only does it resemble that lovely creamy formula that El's concealer has but it has seriously good staying power too. I really like this concealer a lot and, if you're on the market for a budget friendly handbag essential, I think this is a perfect place to start. 
If I'm popping out to the shops quickly and don't want to put a full face of makeup on, I find concealer is the perfect solution to just cover over blemishes so I can get on with the day without worrying about whether I look human or not!

Do you have a fave concealer dupe? 

Happy Monday all,
Love Bunty


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