Glory Days

Whenever I go home to Devon, I can't help but feel catapulted back in time. It's always as if nothing has changed and I revert back into my old, carefree self. Something about the sweet spring air of the Devon countryside and the familiar village I spent my whole childhood growing up in has the ability to soothe the chaos that can threaten to take over at any given moment.

I no longer feel the constant urge to be around social media as my desire even to have my phone on my person vanishes and I just allow the ever-spinning cogs in my head to quieten. I'm lucky enough that 'home' to me is a place of replenishment where I know I will feel revived and boosted. 

The other evening our family gathered for a bit of fun where we sat around with some wine and looked at old camcorder footage. It sounds a bit weird but I love looking back at our goofy younger selves. Eddy and I call them the 'glory days' and in a way they really were. I watched myself and Eddy, seven years ago as teenagers without a care in the world. There is a youthful freedom that a part of me craves now and I sometimes find myself longing to go back for just a day.

Though children and other responsibilities have changed the dynamics of our lives, we are ultimately the same people as we were all those years ago and it was just nice in that moment to be reminded of that. 

Love Bunty


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