Jonah's two month update

Today Jonah has turned 8 weeks old! My newborn is fast growing into a big bouncy baby and is already hitting little milestones in his development. One of my favourite milestones is the first time your baby smiles at you. It's such a wonderful moment when your tiny one can let you know they recognise you and love you too.
The last couple of weeks have been filled with lovely gummy beams whenever Jonah has been awake and we have been soaking them up! 

Jonah is also feeling notably stronger when I hold him. He can hold his head up for longer and you can really see him doing his best to keep it up whilst he looks around at his surroundings. Speaking of, Jonah loves looking around. He particularly loves the natural light and his eyes will tend to follow to wherever the windows are. I often wonder what he's thinking and what he makes of the big wide world!

I've not had him weighed but the feeding is still going well. I am still combination feeding, though exclusively breastfeeding at night. So far, so good on that front! Although any semblance of routine we had kind of disappeared this week due to our move, Jonah does feed pretty regularly every 2-3 hours. I find the feeds during the days can be more frequent though, whilst at night he only wakes once or twice at most. I'm not complaining! Haha!

He is fitting his 0-3 month clothes much better now. Whilst they totally drowned his tiny frame as a newborn, now they fit really well, in fact I don't think it won't be long before we start thinking about moving up to the 3-6 month clothes- scary! Although I love getting to try lots of different outfits on him and moving out of the romper phase into little sets is so much fun, I kinda mourn leaving the newborn/early phase. It just doesn't last long enough!

In terms of myself, I'm feeling much more back to normal in myself, physically and mentally. However that's not to say I don't rely on the occasional pep talk from my husband. I think I forgot that it did take me a few months to shed Noah's baby weight and it wasn't till I did that I felt totally my old self again. I have been exercising a lot more recently and am enjoying hiking and running in a bid to both calm my mind and shed a few of those pounds! 

I think that is pretty much everything for this little boy's two month update! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

Love Bunty


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