Kids don't miss a trick

I've been musing recently about just how much Noah seems to know, (whether or not he conveys that to us),  but it is becoming increasingly obvious that he is picking up language and new skills at a rate of notts! Everyday there seems to be a new word learnt and all of a sudden I feel very aware of the types of conversations we have around him.

Just the other day Noah came up to me as I was sipping a hot drink and he pointed to it and said "cockee mummy"! After furrowing my brow for a second I realised he was pointing to what he thought was my cup of coffee. I have never had a conversation directly with Noah about coffee before- It just happens to be my choice of beverage first thing in the morning. Where he has learnt that coffee is a drink that his mummy enjoys...I haven't the foggiest idea! But I tell you I was both surprised and amazed in that moment.

Since then, there have been countless other moments for Eddy and I as Noah has demonstrated more knowledge than we knew he had at his age. It is a remarkable age after all! When you mention your child being around two years old it is normally met with comments about 'terrible two's' and tantrums. Yes, for those of you who might wonder, we have definitely joined that club too! All you heroic parents who have made it through the phase of watching your angelic child all of a sudden turn into a fire breathing dragon all because you refused them chocolate for breakfast- I salute you!
We are finding our feet with our parenting every day but don't be fooled, I don't have any of the answers yet!

As a result though, Eddy and I have found ourselves wanting to be really careful about what we say and do around Noah. He is far more perceptive than I give him credit for and it's only just becoming apparent how much he is picking up- even by just hearing us in passing. I'm conscious about the things I say around him and the conversations we have in front of him. One thing I learnt from my own parents is never to argue around your children or undermine each other in front of them ( if at all!) I had the privilege of growing up In an environment where all I saw was the harmonious relationship my parents have and never once saw any negativity between them. I'm sure there were hard times but they always put us children first and any disagreements between them were never once aired In front of us. I think it's a crucial part of family life to show your children a united front and I hope we as parents can offer the same stable home to our boys.

It's funny this is just another way where you realise your children naturally bring out the best in you. Sometimes It can be all too easy to give into the temptation to rant and rave about something that has upset me but actually I have to ask myself what that kind of display would teach my sons if they saw it? By biding my time and waiting till Noah has gone to bed to raise personal misgrievings, the urge tends to have left me by that point anyway and I avoid the temptation all together.

It's true that In their innocent thirst to learn, kids really don't miss a trick. They don't realise how much they actually teach us as parents about how to be better versions of ourselves.

Happy Wednesday all,
Love Bunty


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