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I've been enjoying using a different moisturiser lately and I like it so much, I thought it would be worth mentioning. To any tired out mums like me whose skin can lack that 'get up and go' feeling after a night of children's sleepless antics, this is your remedy!
Aside from the cheerful packaging, the name of this product held my interest as soon as I saw it. It claims to be an Energy-boosting moisturiser which, I must say I could use!

Now, if you think that working a bit of this lovely product into your face is going to revive your energy levels enough to run a marathon, i'm afraid you'll be disappointed. What I will say though is that this formula does help revive my tired eyes and cools my skin in such a soothing way. It has a really punchy orange scent which is right up my street. I also love the consistency which is light enough to work well under makeup in the morning.

In composition, this formula reminds me of some Clinique skincare products; its very gentle and calming on the skin. Once on, it feels like I'm not wearing anything except for the delicate scent and I really like that I can just pop this on and feel like its actually helping helping to calm my skin. It's a great 'no makeup day' product when you just want to give your skin a break. 
In my 50ml pot I have only needed to use a tiny amount so far as the product does go quite a long way. Even though I use this every day now, I'm expecting it to last a good while so it really feels like you get your moneys worth.

Are any of you guys fans of Origins products? I'd love to know your thoughts!

Love Bunty

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