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With summer right around the corner and a certain toddler who is about to turn two, I have been thinking about doing some clothes shopping for Noah. When we moved house earlier in the month I packed a lot of Noah's wardrobe away as he had outgrown so much of it. Although he won't turn two till June, I am already buying him age 2-3 years clothing and I'm looking forward to them lasting a whole year of wear this time!

I always love the look and styles of Zara kidswear and their current clothes for little boys is right up Noah's street with lots of fun prints and recognisable animals-even food groups! I know he would be over the moon to wear the banana sweater below! 

I have been perusing the website and have picked out a few faves that I think are just gorgeous for a little boy. I won't be going overboard on Zara as experience is teaching me to be a bit more savvy with his clothes shopping. I find they are getting more and more trashed with s daily exploring of the world around him! I don't know if toddler girls are different, but Noah completely epitomises that stereotype of a boisterous little chappy who just wants to roll around in mud, climb things and play with insects outside! Either way, clean clothes at the end of the day are definitely a thing of the past! 

Nevertheless, these are a selection of my faves from what is currently on the website: 

You can find all of these items on the Zara young boys section (amongst many more lovely pieces!) 

I hope you are all having a wonderful day!
Love Bunty


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