May roundup

As always, I have been through this month's instagram photos and have chosen a few favourites that I feel really represent my month, what we have been up to and the memories I will keep.
 Already May has come to an end and tomorrow June will be upon us. Whilst I'm really looking forward to the summer months rolling in, I cant help but wonder where this year is disappearing to?! It is literally zooming past!

Nevertheless, I'll let these photos do the talking-here is my May...


Singing in the rain with Joules Wellingtons

It has become a bit of a household joke that every summer I'm tempted to buy a new pair of wellingtons. Let's be honest, they are an essential for our English summers here in the UK- especially when there is camping involved! 
However, even I have to admit I don't think i'll be buying more any time soon as I absolutely love my Joules Evedon ones. I thought to myself the other day, what's the point?! These just tick every box for me and Wellies aren't supposed to stay squeaky clean are they?

 I bought these three years ago and they have served my muddy-puddle-jumping antics perfectly. 
Considering i've always been quite insecure about my feet,(sadly, I wasn't graced with delicate or small feet), you can imagine shoe shopping can be rather hit and miss. Joules, however, are a brand that just seem to work consistently. Their sizes are so comfortable and their wellies never require any painful breaking-in process. Quite simply, they're a delight to wear.

Aside from being really practical for muddy country walks and all the singing in the rain I have time for in my life, (haha!) they are also so pretty. Let's be honest, if I can bridge practicality with 'oh so pretty to look at'- I will find a way! Joules make it such an easy task with the cute mustard yellow ribbons on the backs of these wellies. 

I tell you, 'farmer chic' is coming around! 
Now where is my tweed jacket?!

Happy Sunday all!
Love Bunty



Busy bee drinks


Most parents can relate to the joys of training toddlers to drink water above the sugar filled substitutes many supermarkets offer. I know I started out eager and determined to only offer Noah water to drink, but he is now at that glorious age where you really have to pick your battles to avoid a complete meltdown! He loves fruity squashes and juice and will always ask for those before agreeing to drink plain water.

Eddy and I have been keen 'juicers' for a long while. We both love to blend fresh vegetables and fruits into hearty juices to cram in vitamins and goodness when we are on the go. However, sometimes these can be too rich for little tummies and I don't like to overload Noah on fruit either. If you saw my recent post on freezing berries in ice cubes(here), you will know I have found a happy compromise for Noah, or really anyone who wants the taste of fresh fruit without it being too strong or sugary. 

A few months ago I picked up this cute plastic bee cup with a straw to make drinking that bit more fun for Noah. When I was little I used to love ice cubes in my drinks, especially fruity ones! So I have started filling Noah's drinks up with these in a bid to make water more pleasing to drink. 

It's not rocket science or anything new- I'm pretty sure just about everybody has done this at some point! But what I like most is that it definitely seems to be working for us in keeping Noah interested in drinking water. Little changes are always exciting for toddlers and this cup is so practical and cute- I even use it myself from time to time!

Happy Weekend all!
Love Bunty



Fisherman's coat

I recently bought Noah a little waterproof jacket to keep him dry when dodging the spring showers. As he had outgrown all his others I really wanted something that would be both warm and waterproof but not too heavy for the warmer months. 

 In the end I settled on a bright yellow one from Marks and Spencer. I had seen it some weeks before and thought it was just so cute for a little boy! The colour reminds me of the typical fisherman outfits that are such a frequent sight in Cornwall where we holiday every year. 


Noah was so delighted with this coat when I first showed it to him. What toddler doesn't love bright colours?- Especially when they get to wear them! 
In fact, the other morning he insisted on wearing this coat all day long. He had been wearing it over his pyjamas and I had to really persuade him to take it off just so we could get dressed for the day. I only won that battle by allowing him to continue wearing the coat in the house- for the rest of the day!

I think this is going to be perfect for Cornwall this year. It will certainly be easy to spot him running about on the vast Cornish beaches and it should make keeping an eye on him in the crowds a much easier task!


May Favourites

I haven't done a favourites post in a little while but I have got a couple of products that have become firm favourites lately so I thought I would do a quick round up for you all!
First up are these pretty bath bombs from Lush Cosmetics. I've got to the point where I want one of these every time I take a bath and I'm sorely disappointed when they run out! One of my birthday presents from Eddy was a gorgeous hamper full of Lush products which are almost completely used now! I decided to do a little haul at the weekend to replenish some of my favourite bombs and bubble bars. At the end of the day, when the kids are asleep I really look forward to taking a hot relaxing bath before bed. It's become a staple part of my unwind routine and choosing one of these amazing scented bombs is all part of the fun for me!

The other product I have really been enjoying is Clinique's take the day off cleansing balm. I've used Emma Hardies' one in the past and loved that but this one is much more purse friendly so I thought I would give it a try. I wasn't disappointed either. It has an equally beautiful consistency which melts away makeup and really nourishes and hydrates my skin. As I always like to thoroughly wash my face after removing makeup, I will sometimes apply a thin layer of this last thing at night to offer an intensive hydration boost.
A little of this product goes a really long way so I'm expecting this to last me a good while- I really like it!

So those are my current faves for this month. Have you tried any of them? I've included a few more snaps of them from the shoot earlier. The sun was shining beautifully so I was thankful to be able to use the natural light as it always bring out the best of their vibrance and colour.

Happy Wednesday all!
Love Bunty


Jonah's three month update

Hi guys! Having taken a week off blogging to have some quiet (internet free!) time and a mini-break with my family, I'm happy to be back this week and starting off with Jonah's 3 month update.
Granted, this is slightly late as Jonah officially turned 3 months a week ago now- (Oops!)

At three months Jonah is quite a chubby little man! He has really mastered holding his head now and his overall body strength has improved noticeably. Physically he is changing all the time: gaining weight and growing in length. But one of my favourite developments at this age is the beginnings of individual personality starting to show through. Jonah has started laughing now! We realised he could when, just the other day, Eddy and I were talking to him as he lay on our bed and all of a sudden he let out the cutest chuckle and proceeded to grin and laugh at us. 

I think most parents can remember that first sweet moment their baby's face really lights up when they recognise you. It always comes as the greatest reward for the early months of taking care of a newborn which is such a rollercoaster of emotions as it is! I would say that has been my highlight of this past month with Jonah. He is always so happy to see us and one of his gummy grins can turn the gloomiest day around as far as mummy is concerned!

The other change this month has been that he is moving up a size in his clothing. I actually found it quite emotional as it really indicates that the early/newborn phase is coming to an end. As sad as it is to fold away the newborn clothes for the next little while, I absolutely love the next stage of putting little outfits together now that he is getting big enough to wear actual clothes. (See what I mean about the emotional rollercoaster?!) Rummaging through Noah's aged 3-6 month clothes brings back so many cherished memories of his early months and it's lovely to have those clothes back in the current wardrobe again.

Noah was an early teether with his first bottom teeth cutting through around the four month mark and I suspect that Jonah might be the same as he has become so dribbly these last two weeks. He has all the typical symptoms of teething going on at the moment from constantly knawing his fists to dribbling all the time and needing countless vest changes as a result! His cheeks have been glowing red too so I am constantly on the lookout for some little teeth to make an appearance. It's just so funny that we are already thinking about teeth- when did that happen!?

I was recently telling some friends who are also expecting their second baby this summer how much I have enjoyed the early weeks of having a baby this time around. In hindsight, with Noah I was so caught up with trying to figure everything out and get the feeding right, often feeling stressed as a result, that I really didn't relax into those precious early weeks and just soak them up. Being a mummy second time around with Jonah has been such a different experience though. Just being able to trust my own instincts this time has really allowed me to enjoy Jonah in a way I didn't first time around. I feel so aware of his changes day by day and looking at his newborn vests that no longer fit him makes me feel broody all over again!

I love being a mummy and I love seeing all the changes and milestones that having a young family brings. I just can't wait to see what else God has in store for us!



Busy bees

I was in the garden last week happily taking in the beautiful fresh scents of cut grass and new flowers blossoming everywhere. The sun was shining and I felt like summer was really arriving in this little corner of Devon. 
However, it was short-lived as this morning we woke up to lashing rain and even a hailstone storm! I don't know what happened but summer definitely seems to be taking a backseat in favour of this chilly wind and the showery clouds that are lingering overhead.
As changeable as the weather is here in England there are some beautiful moments that I have felt inspired to try and catch. As Noah is taking such an interest in the world outside, I thought what better way to teach him about nature than to photograph it myself- starting with this little busy bee I managed to snap while he happily buzzed around these flowers. 
I love hearing how he mimics birds and bees- even when he's looking at a wriggly worm or a ladybird! 

I hope you're all having a fabulous week?!
Love Bunty



Unwinding with candles

I've written about my love of candles in the past and since then it hasn't changed- I'm still obsessed! They are my 'go to' ingredient for a relaxing evening after the children have gone to bed. I love to run a hot bath and light them around me, or light up the lounge and turn the main lights off. And of course, I love a good candle-lit dinner too!

Like many eighteen year olds, my little sister is getting stuck into her A-level exams now and even though it is a few weeks of stress that does pass quite quickly in the grand scheme of things, I know how intense those weeks are with the pressure to gain the right grades to make it onto your desired university course, or, indeed whatever other plans you have!

I popped into one of my favourite stores looking for something to bring her a little bit of cheer and found these gorgeous candles by the company Pintail candles. They have the most mouthwateringly delicious scents ever and I was spoilt for choice with the various scents, colours and sizes on offer. I opted for Elderflower champagne and Apple blossom & wild berry in the end: two of my favourites. They are so daintily packaged and look gorgeous anywhere in the home. 

Have you come across Pintail candles before? If not, check out there website  (here)- you're bound to find a treat!

Happy weekend all!
Love Bunty



Rainy day

I woke up this morning with all sorts of plans in my head for how we were going to get outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Trips to the beach, taking the babies on a country ramble, games in the garden...the list goes one! 
Sadly, I realised that the gentle pitter patter on the windows was not part of my dream, it was actually downcast and pouring down with rain. It only took one glance behind the curtains to realise my plans were foiled!

Even though it was wet and drizzly with a real wintery chill in the air, something about the grey sky really brought out the fresh spring colours of nature all around. I was quite amazed at the contrast of greens and yellows. Buds everywhere were blossoming, (Sorry, I couldn't bring myself to bombard you with yet another post on blossoms!) trees were beginning to wake up to the season with a fresh covering of leaves everywhere. 

As both the children were napping, Eddy and I stole a quiet minute to stroll in the garden and breathe in the air. I love the smell of spring, especially between rain showers! All I could hear were birds  tweeting all around and the rustling of leaves as the gentle wind blew through the trees. 

It was cold though! I pulled on a favourite 'coatagan' which actually belongs to my sister! (Perks!) and I regretted wearing suede boots almost instantly. Oops!

Today was just one of those nice days where you get to appreciate a few moments of complete stillness to think clearly. Being outside always helps me to release tension or anxiety and it was nice to take my mind off other things by just enjoying the beauty of spring everywhere. 

I hope you all had a lovely day too!

Love Bunty

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