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There is nothing quite like putting on your apron to do some hearty baking and being surrounded by pretty appliances that not only make the task easier but look beautiful too. I have always found baking therapeutic and on evenings like last night, with the children both tucked up and sleeping soundly, I took the opportunity to enjoy a moment of indulgence. Just me, my husband... and the cake and biscuits! 

I have always found pleasure in the small decorative details. For example, there is something lovely about having fresh eggs on display rather than in their cardboard box. Garden Trading have a lovely egg run which is both fun and quirky, not to mention being  oh so cute to look at. The gentle clay colour is fresh and easy to place in any kitchen decor scheme, so really there is no excuse not to have one! 

Incase you hadn't noticed already, my family are big fans of eggs! Whether we're talking poached on toast in the mornings, or baked in a cake at teatime, rarely a day goes by without eggs featuring at some point. Because they are in near constant demand in our home, it is actually very helpful to be able to see how many eggs we have left by glancing at the egg run. It's just one of those practical little time savers meaning I don't have to go over to the cardboard egg box and check the contents every time I leave the house!

For a long time I have regarded Garden Trading homeware products to be just so effortlessly stylish. Something about their longstanding trademark shutter blues and chalky clay palettes just goes so perfectly in a country kitchen, or indeed any kitchen for that matter!

Thanks to these rather gorgeously packaged cutters, my once cluttered baking utensils drawer is now organised and neat! Again, it's such a classic example of Garden Trading's designs meeting practicality in the kitchen with aesthetic appeal. With five cutters inside there is plenty to choose from and it offers a whole host of baking options with various sizes to play with. (I used the two smallest ones which were still generously sized to make my biscuits.)

Another item that made baking my lemon loaf cake such an easy task was this handy juicer with a jug.
This simple, yet astonishingly useful appliance should certainly find a home in any kitchen-particularly all you lovers of baking! It works as a two piece as the juicing part sits on top of a jug which also has handy measuring units engraved on the sides. The juicer itself has little holes around the circular base which allows juice to flow freely into the jug below- catching the pips and excess fruit. This just takes all the work and effort out of juicing lemons, limes or other fruits and quickly collects the juices in one place without needing further sieving. Job done!

For me, Garden Trading really epitomise that 'country chic' look which can so easily be brought into any domestic home. As a full time mummy, often I find my time for decorative fancies is limited, so when I can source products for my home that are both decorative and functional, I know I am on to a winner! 

We had a great time baking thanks to these items from Garden Trading. I thought it would be nice to share with you some more photos from our shoot...


I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead! Don't forget to check out Garden Trading's website for more beautiful ideas for your homes. 

Love Bunty

*Disclaimer*  This is a sponsored post. Whilst I was gifted the products mentioned above, the opinions expressed are representative of BuntyLiving and are entirely authentic, resulting from personal experience of using them.

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