Beach day

I love those weekends when there is nothing in particular planned, the weather is great and we know all too well the coast is only a short, tempting drive away.
 It's a bit of a no-brainer for us to get ourselves down to the beach as we are so fond of it. On Saturday Eddy and I loaded up the boys and did just that! Upon arriving and getting the boys out of the car, I whispered to Eddy, "Do you hear that?" After shooting me a quizzical glance, he replied "No." and I smiled and said "exactly!" 
The beach has such a calm silence at this time of year. I really appreciate it as one of the only places in the world where you can guarantee a beautiful view and tangible peace and quiet. It's food for the soul!

 Noah was able to really burn off some energy running about, splashing in the water pools and collecting (shell) treasures.
It's nice that Noah is getting a little bit older each season and so these kinds of days out are more exciting for him. As the tide was out when we arrived, the beach space was immense and all the anchored boats were sitting in the sand awaiting Noah's curiosity to beckon him over. We explored several of them together before he wanted to take a pitt stop to sit in the sand and draw shapes.

The view was extraordinarily clear and, as I took a moment to stare out into the distant sea, I couldn't help but think how ageless the beach really is. I was literally looking at the same view that people have looked at for centuries. An unchanged landscape and one of the few that we really still share with history. 

Do you love the coast too?
Have a lovely day,
Love Bunty


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