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Most parents can relate to the joys of training toddlers to drink water above the sugar filled substitutes many supermarkets offer. I know I started out eager and determined to only offer Noah water to drink, but he is now at that glorious age where you really have to pick your battles to avoid a complete meltdown! He loves fruity squashes and juice and will always ask for those before agreeing to drink plain water.

Eddy and I have been keen 'juicers' for a long while. We both love to blend fresh vegetables and fruits into hearty juices to cram in vitamins and goodness when we are on the go. However, sometimes these can be too rich for little tummies and I don't like to overload Noah on fruit either. If you saw my recent post on freezing berries in ice cubes(here), you will know I have found a happy compromise for Noah, or really anyone who wants the taste of fresh fruit without it being too strong or sugary. 

A few months ago I picked up this cute plastic bee cup with a straw to make drinking that bit more fun for Noah. When I was little I used to love ice cubes in my drinks, especially fruity ones! So I have started filling Noah's drinks up with these in a bid to make water more pleasing to drink. 

It's not rocket science or anything new- I'm pretty sure just about everybody has done this at some point! But what I like most is that it definitely seems to be working for us in keeping Noah interested in drinking water. Little changes are always exciting for toddlers and this cup is so practical and cute- I even use it myself from time to time!

Happy Weekend all!
Love Bunty


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